Emotional Calm

Our Emotional Calm consists of a blend of relaxing essential oils which are Chamomile Roman, Lavender and Rosewood. The combination of these balancing oils helps to manage anxieties with a positive thought.  The essential oils will then be taken through your nose, into your lungs and Olfactory system. Lavender has a very powerful effect on colds and when used in an inhaler, may prevent a cold from getting worse and speed recovery. The benefits of Lavender for cold recovery can be amazing. All inhalers mimic what was popular for the past thousands of years, the carrying of fresh flowers (or nosegays) which were smelled throughout the day. In our modern age, such items have fully disappeared, which is unfortunate. These flowers and essential oils do more than simple perfuming. Studies have shown smelling fresh flowers has an emotionally balancing effect on the body and may help reduce blood pressure. Many essential oils have properties which can help cleanse the air and prevent the spread of disease.

Emotional Calm
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