Green Amphora Reed Diffuser Kit

Our Reed Diffusers are absolutely Unique. We carry a large selection of glass diffusers. This particular one is a Lime Green Amphora glass bottle on an iron stand. A two-handled jar with a narrow neck used by the ancient Greeks and Romans to carry wine or oil. This bottle is great for creating a bold new look as a diffuser or as a small vase. They are versatile for both decorating your favorite room or displaying your favorite spices. Add a spice of life to your home with these unique bottles. It is approximately 7" h x 3" diameter, with a 1/2" opening. It holds approximately 5.8 oz or 170 ml of liquid. Absolutely no heat or flame is required to enjoy aromatic diffuser reeds. Bamboo or Rattan reeds are placed into the diffuser containing either diffuser oil or essential oil. The reeds slowly soak up and evaporate into the air dispensing a blistful aroma for many months. Diffusing reeds emanate no soot or film onto your walls, ceiling or furniture. They are great alternative for the ones that are afraid of flames. You never have to worry about blowing out the candle. Reed diffusers are one of the latest and hottest elements in the Aromatherapy world today. So why not add the newest trend to your personal space; such as your office or home. We offer a large selection of the most popular bottles used for reed diffusers. These beautiful bottles have multiple uses. They can also be used for bath salts, vases or as decorative containers. Most of our bottles are made from recycled Spanish glass which makes them even more special by being an environmentally friendly product. Aromatherapy is enjoyable anytime of the year by diffusing aromatic scents into the air with or without flame. So check out our other diffusers or warmers. We also carry a full line of fragrance and essential oils theat would go perfect with your new diffuser. *Please let us know what scent you would like***

Green Amphora Reed Diffuser Kit
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