Alluring Aromatherapy Nasal Inhaler

Our compact nasal inhalers are so convenient for your purse, car, office, pocket or anywhere you go for quick access to scents and affirmations. We sell a wide variety of inhalers for helping both physically and emotionally. Our Alluring inhaler consists of a blend of relaxing essential oils which are Cinnamon, Clary Sage, Lavender, Lemon, Orange and Patchouli. The combination of these balancing oils help to find your soul mate by recalling a self assuring affirmation each time you notice the scent of this passion inspiring blend of essential oils. Keeping your mind clear so it can help you end up with the person you fully envisioned through self hypnosis and aromatherapy with this Affirmatherapy Scent Inhaler. Directions for use: Simply unscrew the cover and place the inhaler near your nose and gently inhale. You can use this as often as you feel necessary. The essential oils will then be taken through your nose, into your lungs and Olfactory system. This makes Aromatherapy portable and very easy to administer, especially during cold season. All inhalers mimic what was popular for the past thousands of years, the carrying of fresh flowers (or nosegays) which were smelled throughout the day. In our modern age, such items have fully disappeared, which is unfortunate. These flowers and essential oils do more than simple perfuming. Studies have shown smelling fresh flowers has an emotionally balancing effect on the body and may help reduce blood pressure. Many essential oils have properties which can help cleanse the air and prevent the spread of disease. Inhalers are worth a second look! Even if it is only for a quick pick-me up, after a long day. Our inhalers are yellowplastic and are approximately 2.5" h x .5"diameter. They can also be re-used when the scent needs to be replaced.
Alluring Aromatherapy Nasal Inhaler
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