Himalayan Pink Salt Natural Lamp

This is a very attractive and unique salt lamp. All of our lamps are top quality and hand crafted by skilled artisans in Pakistan. We import directly from the foothills of the himalayas. No two lamps are exactly alike. They all have their own unique color variation because of the nature of the soap stone itself. All of our lamp colors range from off-white to apricot and warm pink. We cannot guarantee the color, but if u have a preference please let us know and we will try our best. All the color variations are beautiful and unique! The lamps display a beautiful warm glow when lit up due to the carvings of the salt. The medium size lamps are a Natural Lamp with a Rosewood base. It stands approximately 7-8" h x 5" w and the weight range is up to 4 lbs. The large range from 4.5 -7.8 lbs. All of our lamps are CSA Certified for Canada and US. All lamps come with 6' UL listed 18 gauge SPT-2 cord. An informative tag attached to the base of the lamp is provided. A bulb of appropriate watts according to the size of the lamp. Our unique stainless steel Quick-Change Light Bulb Assembly to prevent rust, and to eliminate the potential hazard of a loose bulb breaking and the time consuming struggle of changing a light bulb. What is Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps? Salt crystal lamps are made from salt crystal rocks formed by nature hundreds of millions of years ago and mined over 500 yards underground from the foothills of Himalayas. Which is still the most serene and undisturbed part of our world. When mining the salt crystals, explosives are strictly prohibited to preserve the structures of the crystals. Lamps are carefully crafted by hand to retain the unique, beautiful and natural shape of the rock. The result is a rare crystal with such beautiful colors ranging from off-white to light apricot to dark orange and with every shade of pink and peach in between. This colorization is caused by the infusion of minerals within the salt crystals: the redder the salt, the higher the iron content. As the lit bulb warms up the lamp, healthful negative ions lift off from the surface and help to cleanse and improve the quality and freshness of the air you breathe, they are absolutely breath-taking. They are great for the home, office, massage/meditation room. They help to reduce fatigue and EMF pllution created by electronic products. Great for allergy sufferers by helping to clean and ionize the air around you naturally and beautifully. Salt lamps emit negative ions. It is one of the therapeutic qualities for which they are valued.

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Himalayan Pink Salt Natural Lamp
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