Body Lotion

We have finally created our signature Spa type body lotion. This luxurious body lotion is silky, unscented, uncolored and thick. Our lotion is hand-whipped for hours to prevent crystalization. Our formula allows for slow absorption in order to help heal the skin. While providing long lasting moisture due to the high levels of natural butters within the lotion. This smooth and creamy lotion quickly replenishes moisture and restores softness without leaving any sticky film. It will leave your body feeling extremely luxurious and silky. Excellent for all skin types. You will feel like a million bucks after your first use! Due to the natural ingredients it provides wonderful healing benefits for all types of skin problems. Such as: Dermatitis, dryness, stretch marks, rashes, eczema, razor irritation, cracked skin, sun and wind protection, reduces blemishes, restores elasticity, fine lines and much more. *Our signature lotion contains Emu Oil, Shea Butter and Mango Butter. Along with extracts of Avocado, Chamomille, Lavender and Sage. **Fragrance can be added to the lotion with either essential/fragrance oils.

Body Lotion
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